When Do You Need A Minimum Flow Valve?


Using a pressure control valve with your centrifugal pump is a matter of no option. Centrifugal pumps are mostly used in complex mechanical situations where diverse types of Fluids are being pumped around a system. The regular pumps you have in your home can comfortably pump water and other liquids with low pressure. However, when other liquids come to play, there is a huge struggle to work for the pumps. In such complex mechanical structures, the need for a Centrifugal pump is necessary. Centrifugal pumps have a strong and durable part that ensures it carries any liquid easily. These pumps last long and are the most useful for most mechanical processes. However, these pumps follow a specific working process for them to work efficiently. Part of these processes is working with a valve. There are a lot of things going on in a mechanical process. Asides from the regular pumping, there are situations like cavitation and thermal heat that can damage the centrifugal pumps. These pumps are great but they have limits depending on the situation they are working.

There are different types of valves you can use with a centrifugal pump. Each of these valves has its respective features and functions.  But one of the best options for the safety of the centrifugal pump is the minimum flow valve. Most of the time, the rush of the flow happening in mechanical processes is responsible for the damage in a Centrifugal Pump. Therefore, there is a need for some sort of control on the inflow and outflow of the centrifugal pump. That way, you are protecting the pump from any damage. In this guide, we will be explaining the exact times you need a minimum flow valve for your centrifugal pump.

What Are The Features of a Minimum Flow Valve

A Minimum Flow Valve is necessary to ensure your centrifugal pump remains under strong protection while it works. There is a direct need for enough flowing water to be in the system. Without this water flowing, there will be a huge problem with the pump. Some salient features that the minimum flow valve brings include;

  • The actuator is either electric or pneumatic.
  • It can be constructed in one stage or different stages.
  • Usually, this valve gets constructed with strong quality materials.
  • It works with specific types of pumps
  • There is an additional pressure regulation allowed with minimum flow Valves.

What types of pumps will need a minimum flow valve?

The applications of minimum flow Valves are numerous, but they depend on the type of mechanical system you are running. If you are running multiple types of liquids, what you should invest in is the control valve because the valve can help open and close the pathway depending on the liquid’s thickness. The minimum flow valve will come in handy for you if you have the following pumps;

  • The condensate pumps
  • The LP feedwater pumps
  • The LP process pumps

Advantages of using a Minimum Flow Valve

Some of the advantages of using a Minimum Flow Valve with your mechanical system include;

  • It is constructed through mechanics
  • You do not need a different actuator
  • It has a check valve


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