Complete Beginners Guide About Gold Analyzers


A gold analyzer machine is a compact instrument that detects the gold purity level. This analyzer uses x-ray fluorescence technology for non-destructive, accurate, and fast precious metal testing for;

  • Pawnbroker
  • Unground gold extraction
  • Laboratories and banks
  • Metallurgy for gold purification
  • National and private gold quality assurance sectors
  • Gold shaping and product manufacturing like jewelry

Even though the precious metal analyzer can do the same job, other metals can also affect their results. So, in many gold-specific jobs and applications, gold analyzers are used.

However, besides gold, this analyzer can also detect a range of other precious metals like palladium, platinum, silver, etc., with metal name, the thickness of the plating metal with the complete printed result facility.

This equipment comes in handheld and countertop sizes that can analyze petite to large gold quantities and alloys. The gold detectors use different working mechanisms for gold detection, and the most common one is X-fluorescent, known as XRF analyzers.

CDOCAST offers a massive range of tabletop, portable, and handheld XRF gold analyzers with a 2-years warranty for different businesses. Here we will talk about why XRF gold detectors are worth your money. If you are looking for a gold detector, find out about this best type here!

Working Principle of XRF Gold Analyzers

XRF, which was known as energy dispersive XRF, is an analytical technique that is widely used in the detection of many biological samples and metals. XRF analysis is efficient and affordable that gives expected results. This technology is now used in metal rapid metal analyzers like gold.

In this spectrometry, the beam of x-rays is thrown on the sample (gold) that hits and ionizes the sample atoms. At excitation, the atoms eject from their inner shells while the outer shell electrons fill the gap. This movement of electrons emits fluorescence radiations.

The energy of these radiations fills the energy gap between the two shells of electrons. Every element has its unique energy gaps, which determine its identity, the same as in the case of gold.

These fluorescent rays coming from the sample are detected by semiconductors in the analyzer and give a resulting spectrum on computer screens. Initially, the XRF technology only detected the quality of metals, but now with the advancement of technology, you can find the quantity of metal as well.

Benefits of XRF Gold Analyzer

Even though many other methods can analyze the presence of gold and other metals; the XRF technology is ruling the world because of its amazing benefits;

  • This technology is affordable as you just need a single instrument to detect the quality and quantity of metal. These instruments can range from $100 to $1000, much less than the digging and other instrumental costs.
  • The XRF analyzers are highly precise and accurate. These analyzers are trustfully used in metal detection, and their results are about >90% accurate.
  • XRF analyzers are highly efficient. You can find your test result from half to one minute.
  • XRF analyzers can easily connect with a range of different devices for test analyzes and report sharing.


If you are looking for a gold analyzer, nothing would be more recommended than an XRF analyzer. This equipment is all over the market, and here we have described briefly why!


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