How Can You Transfer FIFA Coins Without Being Banned?


FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a popular game mode in FIFA where players can build their dream team by purchasing player cards from the transfer market using FUT coins. While there are many ways to earn free futcoins in the game, some players transfer coins between accounts to give themselves an advantage. This article will explore how you can share or transfer FIFA coins without being banned and without jeopardizing your account. However, many websites sell FIFA coins online; if you want to purchase, always go for a reliable and trustworthy website. A reliable website will be beneficial for you in so many aspects. Below are given some benefits of buying coins from a high-profile website.

The Benefits of Buying FIFA Coins

Buying FIFA coins from reputable websites is a legitimate and safe way to build your FUT team quickly. It saves time and allows you to purchase the players you want without grinding for coins. Moreover, buying FIFA coins can give you a competitive edge in the game, as you can quickly acquire top-rated players and build a strong team. However, it is important to note that buying FIFA coins from untrustworthy or fraudulent websites can put your account at risk of being banned or suspended. Therefore, it is important to purchase FIFA coins only from reputable and trustworthy websites with a history of safely and efficiently delivering coins.

Using Player Cards to Transfer Coins

One of the most popular methods of transferring coins is by using player cards. To do this, you must buy a valuable player card from the transfer market using your main account’s FUT coins and then list it for sale at an inflated price on your secondary account. Once the card is sold, you can withdraw the coins from your secondary account, and the transfer is complete. It is important to ensure that the player card’s price is not suspiciously high or low, as this can trigger an investigation by FIFA’s anti-cheating system. Additionally, it’s important to avoid transferring large amounts of coins at once, as this can also raise suspicion.

Using Trustworthy Coin Sellers

While transferring coins can be risky, purchasing from reputable and trustworthy coin sellers is a safe and easy way to build your FUT team. These sellers have a proven track record of delivering coins quickly and securely and have measures in place to prevent accounts from being banned or suspended. When choosing a coin seller, it’s important to research and read reviews from other customers. Look for sellers that offer a secure checkout process, fast delivery times, and competitive prices. Additionally, reputable coin sellers typically have a responsive customer support team to help you with any questions or concerns.


In conclusion, while transferring FIFA coins between accounts can be risky and against the game’s terms of service, buying coins from reputable and trustworthy coin sellers is a legitimate and safe way to build your FUT team quickly. By researching and purchasing from reputable sellers, you can avoid the risks of transferring coins and enjoy the benefits of having a strong team in FIFA Ultimate Team.


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