Equipment needed at each stage of pellet production


The equipment needed to make other types of pellets is more or less similar to the wood pellet manufacturing equipment. There are slight differences that are rare. Suppose you want to start a wood pellet-making business. In that case, you would need the critical equipment used to manufacture wood pellets.

What equipment do you need at each stage to make wood pellets?

It would be best if you had various equipment to help you manufacture wood pellets. Each piece of equipment has a specific function equally essential as the others. You need to know the correct function of each piece of equipment for you to use each of them correctly.

The first stage is the debarking or bark removal stage. In this stage, you need to have a debarker. The debarker will be vital in the removal of tree bark. Tree barks are considered unwanted materials in the wood pellet manufacturing equipment.

Suppose you fail to use the correct equipment while debarking. In that case, it will either take you longer than usual or make you give unacceptable results. The debarker has specialized features that allow it to debark tree longs.

During the second stage, which comprises shredding the wood into small chippings, you need wood chippers and hammer mills. This equipment allows you to attain the small size of the woods that will make the wood fit for the finishing process. Wood chippings are shredded into sawdust which is then used to make pellets.

The third stage involves drying the sawdust ready for the production of pellets. The equipment involved in this stage includes the dryer or oven. The dryer releases hot air to the sawdust to reduce the moisture content. You would only be required to reduce the moisture content when it is higher than 15% and vice versa.

The fourth stage comprises pelletizing the material into pellets. Like other stages, this start should receive a considerable amount of importance. The equipment needed at this stage includes the pelletizing machine and the screener. The primary function of the screener is to protect the help in assuring the quality by ensuring the pellets have the correct quality.

How much does pellet manufacturing equipment cost?

The price of the pellet manufacturing equipment differs from one vendor to another. Some vendors sell the same pellet manufacturing equipment at different prices. So, while looking for a vendor, it is vital to look for the best price.

Furthermore, the price is lowest during the July/ August period. Many people prefer to buy than other times. These prices shoot from the usual costs and increase exorbitantly. When prices are high, the profit margin reduces significantly.

Is it cheaper to buy wood pellets in bulk?

It is cheaper to buy wood pellets in bulk because of the reduced price of each tone. The amount of money you would have spent per bag changes significantly since bagged pellets are more expensive. Unless there is a significant shortage of pellets, the price of pellets will not change with a considerable margin.


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