Types of Packing Machines and Their Usage


The packaging industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It consists of many segments. These segments use different machines to assist in the process of packaging. Packaging machines are used in various sectors around the world. However, they are most commonly used in food, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors for bulk packaging. There are different types of packaging machines. We can not determine the order which can state the usage of these machines. You can go companies and find out the suitable packaging materials and machines for your product.

These are the most versatile and more often used machines in no specific order. They are used in medical, food, pharmaceuticals, and retail packaging applications all over the world.

  • High-speed shrink flow wrapper
  • Cellophane wrapping machine
  • Shrink bundling machine
  • High-speed automatic side sealers
  • Case erectors
  • Case sealers

High-speed shrink flow wrapper

This machine protects the shipping and storage of products. It’s named shrink flow wrapper because of its horizontal flow wrapper. It works using the process of horizontal from-fill and seal. Using this process horizontal bags are made.

It’s more suitable for regular shaped packaging of solid products having low volume. Its packaging capacity is more than 200,000 packets per day.

High-speed automatic side sealers

It is relatively easy to operate and no special training is required for its usage. A high-speed automatic side seal shrink wrap machine is used for the packaging of bucket noodles, milk tea, detergents, boxes, shampoo, cling film boxes, and so more. Its weight lies between 650 kg-800 kg. Moreover, it efficiently seals small products. That’s why it is used for such industries where manufactured products are relatively smaller in size.

Shrink bundling machine

The shrink bundling machine consists of a shrink tunnel and bundling sealer. Its primary purpose is to pack heavier products. According to the customized requirements of the customers, the seals can be made on the sides or above the product. Another name for this machine is the bottle packing machine. It forms round cuffs on the sides of the product for easy handling and carrying. For heavy and bulky materials packaging this machine is best and widely used. Products can be water bottles, cans, a stack of books, beverages, beer, etc.

Cellophane wrapping machine

For small box packaging, this machine is an excellent choice. If we see the product in marketing terms the product that looks better sells better. And this machine provides an excellent look for the product.

You might have seen the finishing and clarity of packaging on cigarette packets, CDs, DVDs, nail polishes, perfume boxes, and outside the cases of several small products. All this packaging is done from this machine.

Case sealers

It is a semi-automatic machine and Its sealers are in the shape of H. It can easily seal the corrugated boxes from top and bottom or any four edges of the box.

This machine is highly suitable for products that require a sealing effect on cartons. The weight of this machine lies between 130 kg-450 kg. The interesting thing is that this machine can be operated under customizable conditions. Depending upon the width and height of the carton, you can adjust its position.


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