What are Mink Lashes? Tips for buying, Pros, Cons, and many more


Eyelashes are considered an integral part of makeup and beauty. So, mink lashes extensions allow you to look gorgeous without much effort. Mink lashes are getting quite popular day by day over regular eyelashes. They give you a badass look. They are popular due to their instinctive spooky look. Mink lashes are made up of synthetic PBT and they are as real, and soft to the touch in appearance as your natural eyelashes. If you are a constant user of eyelashes or a seller of beauty products then you must invest in wholesale mink lashes. Because they last for a longer time and difficult to recognize that you are wearing false lashes.

Tips For Buying One

When there are so many varieties of things available it becomes relatively difficult to do the selection. There is a wide range of lashes available; faux, silk, magnetic, mink, etc. But mink eyelashes have got superior overall due to their unique naturalness, weightlessness, and extravagant look. Moreover, they are more tapered than other lashes and give you a fancy look. While buying eyelashes keep in mind the following points.

Consider shape

While buying eyelashes first consider the shape. Keep in mind your choice you can go for either rounded or for curled ones. Secondly take into consideration your eye shape whether your eyes are almond, hooded, deep set, monolid, downturned or prominent. Then choose accordingly. Any style which you adopt or wear with confidence adds charm to your personality.

Look for types of eye-lashes

There are different types of eyelashes available such as B-curl, C-curl, D-curl, and L-curl. B-curl gives your eye a natural curl, C-curl suits all types of eyes while D-curl gives you a dramatic look. L-curls are suitable if you have hooded or monolid eyes.

Buy Black eyelash glue

Prefer buying black eyelash glue instead of transparent because it helps you to blend with the natural lash line. It also helps you to be more natural than the transparent one will not be going to give you.

Pros of Mink Eye-lashes

Mink eyelashes have got superior to other synthetic lashes due to the number of features. They have got a more fluffy and smooth appearance than others. They have got quite a lot of recognition in the eyes of bloggers. They simply embellish your beauty. Not only that they are durable and run over a long period. Further, they are heat and chemical resistive. It’s most likely that your eyes got hurt with mink lashes as they are smooth and comfortable to wear.

Cons of Mink Eye-lashes

They are often not as natural as claim to be. Sometimes it is difficult to handle them you need to be professional. They can break easily. They are usually not available in the volume set.


Mink eyelashes are mostly made up of synthetic PBT, unlike the perception that they are made up of animal hair or fur. Their appearance is smooth, fluffy, and natural, and that gives you a glamorous look. While buying one take into consideration shape, type, and your choice. They are durable, don’t get damaged easily, and are water-resistant.


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