Where to Buy Velvet Fabric and How to Use It


Velvet fabrics are famously considered a form of luxury and there’s no way to deny that for its silky and shiny texture is considered a great mark of luxury. It is not only thick but also soft to touch. In other words, velvet fabric has got the best of both worlds. There is absolutely no doubt that everyone would wish to own something made of velvet fabric for the touch of velvet fabric would add a touch of stylishness and elegance. Velvet is the absolute embodiment of classiness.

In this article, we will be seeing about velvet fabric and the basics of velvet fabric, its usage and multiple purposes in detail, and the best place to buy velvet fabric in bulk.

How to Use it

Surprisingly this luxurious fabric material caters to wide usage of purposes. Here are a few ways how you can style a velvet fabric and use it.

Bed Sheets

Bed sheets made of velvet fabric trap heat and that means that anyone under the velvet fabric sheets would not feel hot. This quality of trapping the heat as a fabric makes it an ideal option during the summer season.

Pillow Cases

After an exhausting yet fruitful day, one would prefer to get a sound sleep as a reward for working hard. Laying your head on one of the softest pillows made of velvet fabric would be the best reward. The softness of the pillowcase not only puts your head at ease but also your heart and eyes at ease making you have one of the most peaceful sleep of all time.


Getting ready for a grand occasion can be the most exciting and most confusing situation ever because one part of you is exciting and looking forward to showing up to the occasion as the best-dressed person so you go through your wardrobe but another part of you might be confused on what might be the best dress for the occasion. What more of grand and luxurious dress are you looking for if not for a dress made of velvet fabric? A velvet dress is perfect for any grand occasion.


One of the best features of shirts made of velvet fabric is that it is mostly gender-neutral (unisex) which means it can be worn by both men and women. Throwing on a blazer on top of your shiny and silky velvet shirts can be a great fit for a formal occasion or you can totally wear just the velvet shirt and it will still look good.


If you are a lover of bold fashion choices then velvet pants might be your new favorite thing. Surprisingly velvet pants can enhance your overall outfit. Wearing all-black everything might be a little bit too much for some people but if you are daring enough then go ahead and give it a try.

Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains made of velvet fabrics are a good choice as it adds a classy look to your room and your entire house. Not only does it look good but also it blocks out sunlight so your room would not be too bright and sunny.

Where to Buy Velvet Fabric in Bulk


By buying velvet fabric from Alibaba you can customize and make your very own bed sheets made of velvet fabric, blankets made of velvet fabric, velvet fabric pillowcases, velvet fabric dresses, velvet fabric shirts, and pants made of velvet fabric, drapes, and curtains made of velvet fabric. By buying the velvet fabric in bulk you can not only customize it according to your designs but also save the cost compared to when bought alone because velvet fabric is a relatively expensive material.


Velvet fabric is a luxurious material that is soft to touch and perfect for a variety of purposes. You can use velvet fabric to make bed sheets, pillow cases, dresses, shirts, pants, drapes, and curtains. When buying velvet fabric in bulk, Alibaba is the best place to buy because it is cost-effective and provides good quality velvet fabric.


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