Waterproof Speakers Vs. Ordinary Speakers- Which One Should I Buy?


Waterproof speakers are all the rage now. People generally use waterproof speakers on beaches and lakes or near pools. They are great for outdoor parties and activities. Bluetooth speakers are also wireless and hassle-free. On the other hand, ordinary speakers are not waterproof and are way inferior to waterproof speakers.

Waterproof Speakers- A Brief Overview

Waterproof speakers are of four types. Dual cone speakers, component speakers, coaxial speakers, and sub-woofers. Dual cone speakers have one sound output source and two different cones of large and small size. The component speaker has more than one speaker. Different speakers handle the higher and lower frequencies. Coaxial speakers use multiple drivers for different frequencies. A subwoofer is designed for bass frequencies. It is meant for heavy sounds like thunder. They can be Bluetooth or wired, and both come with pros and cons.

Ordinary Speakers- A Quick Recap

Speakers that are not waterproof, like computer speakers or ordinary speakers, are often damaged or completely stop working if exposed to water. They are more suitable for indoor use or somewhere there is little to no risk of water exposure. Computer speakers are also not portable and less adaptable. They can usually only be used by one device, and the sound quality is not as sharp or as clear. Regular speakers cannot withstand being dropped and often get damaged.

Which One’s Better- Waterproof Speaker Or A Regular Speaker?

Waterproof speakers take the win as compared to regular speakers. They’re more durable, portable, and can be used inside or outside. Waterproof speakers are also relatively new compared to regular speakers and hence come with better sound quality. Regular speakers are outdated, less adaptable, and less portable. Regular speakers are also more likely to get damaged.

Why Go For A Waterproof Speaker?

Carrying Them Anywhere Is a Piece Of Cake

Since Bluetooth speakers are small, they are easy to carry. It makes them portable, and you can take them anywhere, anytime. It comes in handy for travelers, as they don’t have to plug in earphones.

Doesn’t Get Ruined By Water

It is perfect for pool parties and people who enjoy listening to music in the shower. They’ll remain safe from water even if completely submerged. Moreover, they’re resistant to water splashes to some extent.

They’re Adaptable

Waterproof speakers, especially those designed for outdoor use, are more adaptable than ordinary speakers. They can be connected to multiple devices, whether wired or wireless.

Expect Them To Last Long

These speakers are more durable since they’re designed to shield the speaker from water, making them more resistant to wear and tear. They are more likely to survive being dropped or knocked over as compared to an ordinary speaker.

How Long Does A Waterproof Speaker Last?

A waterproof speaker is usually more durable compared to a regular speaker. It is more protected and can withstand outside elements like humidity, rain, steam, sprinklers, etc. They are robust and more resistant to wear and tear than an ordinary speaker.

Final Thoughts

It is already mentioned that waterproof speakers have won over ordinary speakers. Nowadays people are more into beachy parties so it’s better to grab the waterproof speakers. Nonetheless, are affordable and are very much handy. It is quite obvious that waterproof speakers are a bit more expensive than the ordinary ones but the durable shield design of the waterproof speaker will help them to last long. So it’s better to opt for a waterproof speaker rather than an ordinary one.


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