How to Setup a Pressure Washer The Appropriate Way


Trying to clean a surface that spans beyond 100ft high or extended is a daunting task. In most cases, you’ll give up before it ends. And when you don’t give up, you can not maintain consistency throughout the cleaning process. Using a pressure washer is always a better choice to clean large surfaces like this. If you have ever seen anyone use the pressure washer, you’ll agree that the process looks very effortless. All you see is the user press a gun at the top with the target on the surface, and boom, the surface is clean. Yes, using a pressure washer is a pretty straightforward task. But before you can use a pressure washer, you have to set it up properly.

When you buy a pressure washer newly, it is veery rare to have it set up for immediate use, except you ask. Usually, they give you the pressure washer in a pack and provide a step-by-step guide in the user manual to set up the pressure washer correctly. Some brands have a straightforward procedure to set up their pressure washers, while others have a rather complex process. Even when you’re following either one, you may not exactly get the setup correct. Wrongly setting up your pressure washer may lead to quick damage and, in worse conditions, injuries. But it’s still not advisable to have an expert set it up for you because, without the knowledge, your pressure washer will be complex to navigate for you. Here’s a guide to help you set up your pressure washer correctly

Setting up an electric pressure washer

To set up an electric pressure washer, you can follow this process;

Connect the hose to the water inlet of the device and the water source

Attach your hose that can take high pressure to the inlet and connect the other side of the hose to the water source. Ensure your connection is firm and that the water has a free flow into the pressure washer, and the hose can take in the high pressure of the water.

Connect the spray gun of the pressure washer

After connecting the hose of the water entering the pressure washer, you should connect how the water will go out of the pressure washer. Usually, water should go out through the spray gun. After that, you can plugin and use your pressure washer.

Setting up a gas pressure washer

A gas pressure washer works similarly to the electric pressure washer, but it has a different setup. To set up the gas pressure washer, you must first ensure the hose and spray guns are at the same point. Also, check the oil of the pressure washer and fill up the fuel tank. After arranging the oil and fuel, you can go ahead to connect the spray gun to the pressure washer. After that, you can connect the hose to the inlet and water source. Once you’re done with the start, your pressure washer engine.


Setting up a pressure washer is the most complex use of a pressure washer. You can follow the steps in this guide to set up your pressure washer correctly.


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